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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 7:34 pm    Post subject: MegaMan: Maverick Hunter X (afterthoughts) Reply with quote

So, last week I splurged a little bit and bought myself MegaMan: Maverick Hunter X. Ahh, nostalgia. Nothing is cooler than playing a revamped version of MegaMan X on a portable system like the PSP. At first, I thought it would be a direct port only, maybe with a few cool new tricks thrown in but, boy, was I wrong! There are lots of neat things that are added to the game which give it a lot more than the original, and make it worth having.

Firstly, there's voice acting. Good voice acting, for once. That's a bonus! Every boss you fight has something to say. Of course, it's just jibber-jabber nonsense, but who cares? It's still well done. Additionally, there are lots of animated cut sequences that are very, very awesome to watch. What is showcased on the PSP is essentially what the MegaMan cartoon should have been. They are more grown up, and reveal aspects of all of the character's ... character traits more than ever before. One of the best parts of the game is that when you complete it in X mode, you unlock a video called "The Day Of Sigma." Let's talk about that, shall we?

Not only is it really good looking animation-wise, the voice overs are well done. Also, it's extremely long. I was surprised that Capcom tossed something so long into the game as a bonus for completing it. I was amazed. The best part is that it reveals a lot of "already known" information as fact, finally. It reveals the reasons that Dr. Thomas Light decided to seal X away for such a long time--and also that X is found by Dr. Cain. I always thought Dr. Cain came out of nowhere. Apparently he has a lot more to do with the story of the Reploids in 21XX than I had originally thought. Very neat. I don't want to spoil too much of what the movie has to offer. Just know that it's awesome.

Last, but not least, the game offers the players the ability to play as Vile, one of those badass characters you'd only dream about playing in the SNES days. Vile is a true bastard, and it was really cool to see another aspect of the game world played out. You learn a bit of back story as to why he is the way he is, and why he hates X so much. All that aside, the gameplay as Vile is actually very, very fun. I opted to play on Hard mode from the get go, and let me tell you: this game is damn hard when playing with Vile. Well, that is, until you start getting some upgrades. As Vile, you are equipped with a shoulder cannon, regular vulcan shot, and a leg shot. With each boss you defeat you gain different armaments (not just a single weapon of that boss' "element" like in the normal X mode). You are free to mix and match whatever weapon sets you choose to best fit a specific level. It shows that Capcom put some thought into it, as some weapons are rendered useless in specific settings. For instance, a fire burner leg weapon doesn't work in Launch Octopus' stage.

All in all this game definitely deserves the 8 it got over at IGN. The added storyline is an exceptional bonus. I feel like the story behind the X series is starting to finally make a little bit of sense. It's still incredibly complicated, and a lot of stuff is still in the air as far as explanation goes. Regardless, let's just say it's very awesome to know how sigma gets that strange pattern around those eyes of his!

Definitely worth the $30 I paid for it.
loomsoft :]
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Reply to topic GDR Forum Index -> Game Developer's Refuge -> MegaMan: Maverick Hunter X (afterthoughts)
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