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Hard Rock

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:14 pm    Post subject: The Useful "Web Tools" Thread Reply with quote

Recently I was looking for a post-mortem I read a while ago where In the article the author mentioned a lot of the websites and tools they used to build their game/app. However I had an incredibly hard time finding it again, and wished there was just an easy place to look to find those links I wanted...

So I'm creating this thread, of lots of neat websites that you may or may not know about that provide useful resources for various different things! Note that this is different from the dev tools thread in that it focuses on online resources. Mods if you feel it belongs there let me and know and I can move the post over, or if there is a similar thread I missed it can be moved there.

Project Repositories - Free public git hosting - Supports git and mercurial. Free private - Has a free option, and free public projects. Supports git and svn

Project Management - A virtual whiteboard for managing your projects

Internet Resource - A good site for asking questions, or just searching for answers

Most Platforms (ios, android, etc) roll their own but in case you want something to work across multiple platforms: - has open web apis - same guys who started openfeint. Is open source - cross platform - looks like it's for android - works across most platforms

Analytics - iOS and Android SDK, and a generic web API - supports most platforms - Seems decent and supports most mobile platforms for distributing builds and getting feedback. Has SDKs you can play in to get additional information
Hard Rock
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Reply to topic GDR Forum Index -> Game Developer's Refuge -> The Useful "Web Tools" Thread

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