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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 6:48 pm    Post subject: GDR Podcast Reply with quote

Yes: the website is dead right now. Fix forthcoming.

The GDRCast website: (Yes, I know the calendar days are off)

Subscribe your reader/podcast downloader to:

How to participate: Postcasts are generally recorded on the first Saturday of each month at 7:00PM, EST. That said, you should check each individual podcast thread (or here) for the actual scheduled date. All you need in order to participate are the following: Skype with a working account, a decent microphone/headset, and the ability to change your input volume. Other than that, there isn't much else you'll need other than to bring yourself to the show. We usually meet up in the ##gdr IRC channel to discuss things before connecting to Skype.

It is also encouraged that if you plan to attend a given episode and are not a regular contributor, either P.M. Sonrisu or speak up in that episode's specific thread stating that you plan to attend. Guest spots are actually limited. Simply showing up in the IRC channel or on Skype a few minutes before the recording is set to begin without any indication you will be participating is frowned upon. :(

If you have any questions, feel free to P.M. Sonrisu or any other moderator for details.

A convenient list of links to all of the GDR Podcast threads:
Note: these are in reverse chronological order.

  • Episode 20: thread | permalink | Grinding in RPGs, Making a game for mom, and slack/motivation
  • Episode 19: thread | permalink | Realizing games were sweet, and we wanted to make them, and thinking back on how we could improve old games
  • Episode 18: thread | permalink | Game mechanic disappointments, artistic design and quality control
  • Episode 17: thread | permalink | Amnesia, Western vs Eastern RPG
  • Episode 16: thread | permalink | Innovations that drive you nuts, best/worst of 2008
  • Episode 15: thread | permalink | Starting a project: design topics
  • Episode 14: thread | permalink | How to start this stuff, games that keep on giving, project updates
  • Episode 13: thread | permalink | What did we do since last year, what awesome stuff happened since last year
  • Episode 12: thread | permalink | Resource/Memory management, how we feel about people knowing we're hobbyist/indie dev'rs, other developers we look up to
  • Episode 11: thread | permalink | Dame design that pisses us off, games we love but are crappy, reasons behind our current project
  • Episode 10: thread | permalink | Favorite hack/trick/etc, Non-gaming influences in development, most difficult problem overcome
  • Episode 9: thread | permalink | Project Updates, Python
  • Episode 8: thread | permalink | Library of choice, Audio, User Generated Content
  • Episode 7: thread | permalink | "Developer's Eye", Motive for Development, Pet project
  • Episode 6: thread | permalink | "Foot in the door", critiques, Juicy Tidbits
  • Episode 5: thread | permalink | Project status updates, best and worst of 2007
  • Episode 4: thread | permalink | Physics challenge ideas, diagrams/flowcharts/OOP, "worst game you ever made"
  • Episode 3: thread | permalink | Latest technical/programming achievement, backup methods, game reviews
  • Episode 2: thread | permalink | Reasons for abandoning projects, projects abandoned on you, motivation
  • Episode 1: thread | permalink | Current projects, open source

As this thread is locked, if you find any issues or have any concerns, please PM one of the board moderators.
loomsoft :]
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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. GDR Forum Index -> Game Developer's Refuge -> GDR Podcast

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